Has Anyone Had Problems With 14 450/250 Shift Selector Bearing?

Water pump shaft and selector part # 1SL-18140-01-00. I have heard that Yamaha is aware of this issue. I don't know anyone that has had this fail. It is a bearing that fails and is replaced with a bushing. There was some discussion on another forum so I was curious. My bike has been perfect, but it only has 16 hours on it. The 2 reported failures on the other forum occurred around 35 hours.

It happened to my 2014 YZ250F this past week.  60 hours on the bike, properly maintained, etc. etc.  I'm at $2k in damage before the cases have been split.  Went to Yamaha and they said they would not perform the repairs under warranty.  Their logic was that they have not heard of the problem, it's a race machine and they already provide one of the best warranty's in the business.


This is a complete disappointment.  After it happened to mine I was able to locate several discussions regarding this issue on the internet and the mechanics I use say they have seen several failures locally.  I have three 2014 YZFs in my garage and love the bikes but this is a real bummer.  If you have a 2014 YZ250F I suggest you park the bike until you perform this mod or you run the risk of $3k in repairs.


Good luck. 

Yamaha wouldn't fix it? That's BS. I know for a fact they know about the problem as the part has been changed from a bearing to a bushing and they fixed one of the bikes here in SoCal. One of the main reasons I went back to Yamaha is their bullet proof nature. They need to do an official recall on this. So, now we all have bikes that are ticking time bombs? I cant risk getting injured by a bike that has a catastrophic failure.

And, yes Gray, on the 450 too. The shaft is different, but the bearing is the same. Supposedly changed from the failing bearing to a bushing. I have heard the dealers have changed the part on bikes on showroom floors. Wheres our recall?

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