Canadian Dual Sport Price.....................

& supplier needed.Also, are there any 04 in Canada yet. I have one on order since Sept. of 03.

I can't wait !!!

obviously i am referring to a dual sport kit for the

2004 WR 450 F. A minor detail i forgot to mention :)

lord tunderin jesus bye,make you own dual sport kit.

much cheaper.

P.S. How is the riding out on the rock.

I would like to get out there someday

I have family on Cape Breton Island. :)

Howdy Ho Bamster;

Life is good on the Rock !!! Only there has been a bad case of Sars on the go. A few byes got a sar troat....a few more wit a sar arse .... & a couple more wit a sar foot :D

You know; i thought of my own dual sport setup for my WR.

I have everything to do it with. I couldn't figure out why others didn't take the same route & save a bundle.

There must be some kind of catch ???

Maybe i'll post a topic in that regard.

Bamster; come to NF. I live about 2 1\2 hrs from the ferry docking by bike.....on the old rail bed. I have hundreds of miles of country right at my back door. Excellent fishing & unbelivable scenery. Wicked for enduro !!! :)

I think the Australian ADR kit is available here in OZ for around $600 AUD.

The kit contains extra wiring loom for horn, indicators, switch gear for lights and indicators and another for start and kill switch. Every thing to put it on the road i believe. Its available as ia spare part incase someone needs to replace after a big crash.

04 450f are available in Québec at the present time.

Nothing to complain about the Baja design D/s kit except that the lights dim a little at idle.

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