I put an FMF Ti 4 exhaust with stainless powerbomb, and ti mid pipe on my WR450 and put in the 03-04 YZ450 power up jet kit from dynojet marketed by FMF. Don't do it it is totally wrong for the WR, which is my bad I just assumed it would be the same as most everything else has for a few years. Anyway I called them up and the have a WR450 in the shop on the Dyno this week and said they will have a power up kit for it sometime next week. Yea! :) I went back to stock jetting, 165 main, then dropped the clip to #5 and raised the pilot to the canadian #48, air screw 2 1/4 turns out. weather 55 degrees 2500 ft rain. it has no backfire popping, but cut a little around half throttle, and sputters a bit full throttle rpms about 80-90%. anyway stil fine tuning if anyone has the same setup and has some tips. Oh I also cut out the molded air holes on the right side of the airbox. (per last Dirt Rider Mag) :D

You got to get a JD jetting kit for your bike! Buy it from the TT store on this forum web site. Everybody is happy with the results on the WR450 with or without aftermarket pipes. :)

ditto on the j.d.

skip the dynojet kit.go with the JD kit.dynojet likes to use F taper much taper for the big bike.

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