2014 wr450

Longtime Lurker.


Just landed a 2014 WR450 with a siccas kit on it to make the cops leave me be.


I ordered the GYTR Competition ECU and quiet exhaust insert.  I also plan to pull the two airbox snorkels.


Coming off a 2003 KTM 525 EXC (read: terrain eater!), what other things must I do to make it a bit more uncorked?  I'm also a big dude, and would like to hear what suspension settings some of you boys run.


Very snappy power, but changing the oil is a pain (1st change today).

As a follow-on, any ideas why the clutch is so noisy?  It's quiet when I pull in the lever, but noisy when out.  Noisy enough that it sounds like a bad throwout bearing in my old 73 plymouth volare

Incidentally, I took it for a 20 mile trail ride today.  VERY happy with the bike, I am.


Throttle is incredibly snappy and it seems quite content when flogging the motor.


Does not like lugging and lacks some torque, but I'll fix that with the GYTR ECU, removing snorkels in the airbox, and the GYTR quiet insert in the stock muffler.


That should just about do it.

C'mon!  I see a bunch of lurkers.  Who's got one?

Just got a 2014 myself, coming off an '04 CRF250R. Have done the ECU, throttle screw and pulled out the pee shooter. Runs a million times better as I was initially disappointed with the power. I'm a skinny guy and will likely need some lighter fork/shock springs as I've been struggling to get it set properly but all in all very happy so far.

The clutch noise in neutral with the clutch released is normal.


Did you pull out the airbox snorkels? 


Pee shooter, I'm assuming you're referring to the tailpipe.  What did you replace it with, or did you drill the rivets?


In other words, did you do what I'm planning, or something different?

I did not remove the snorkel as I will be hitting some water occasionally and I'm not sure if it's worth the risk. As for the pea shooter yeah it's the piece that you drill the rivets for at the end of the exhaust. I'm thinking I might go with the FMF/GYTR slip on next year. So far just running the base 0's map for the first few hours so I'd imagine there's room for improvement with the mapping.

Changed the ECU, GYTR exhaust tip is huge compared to the stock exhaust--way better and no restriction.

Bumped the starter, fired first time--no bumping three times with the 'choke' on.  Fantastic.


ECU came with throttle stop screw.  Is it outside the black case that covers the throttle cables in the throttle body?


Pictures, anyone?

I spoke with my local dealership.  They defeated the screw already! 


Yea!  I'm done.  Here I come, flinging mud.

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