Wiring Harness Location

Hi I'm in the process of reassembling my 2007 WR450 and I'm stuck with how the main wiring harness and also the starter motor wires fit when putting the rear subframe on. I can't work out whether the wiring harness goes under the main front bolt for the subrame or over it. It all seems so tight.


I've looked at the manual and also the pictures I took when dismantling but can't figure it out and it has been apart a while now.


Please can anyone send me some pictures showing the wiring and how it goes in the is particular section around the subframe and rear shock etc. Or if no one has any photos could the please try and explain it to me.


many thanks

Here are a few pictures.  I believe the answer is it goes over the subframe.

photo 3.JPG


photo 5.JPG

I took the '07 WR450F subframe off about 5 times while doing carb work.  it gets easier to work with each time.  I believe it is routed under the front main subframe bolt, and then continues between top of the airbox and subframe down left hand side of bike back to ECU.  The wires that go to the battery and the big 6 way electrical connector under the front of the seat come off the main wiring harness after going under the front subframe bolt and slip up through the hole on the left hand side of the big rubber boot that sits under the front of the seat and attaches in front of the battery/to the battery.

I am working on my new to me 2009 wr450f and had the sub frame off and am now running the wiring harness.... Does this photo look correct???? Is run by the shock inside the sub frame?



Another pic .... Note the Baja Dual Sport kit wire will run outside the sub frame rails.



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