o-ring or non-o-ring.....?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of O-ring and non O-ring chains. Actually I got an o-ring on my YZ400F but cleaning is more complex that non o-ring......! Do you really recommend to switch to non o-ring..........?

Thanks in advance to all ! :)

I found I had to constantly adjust my non-O-ring chain (stock), but haven't had to touch my DID X-ring after install.

if you use an o-ring chain you will loose .0000000000000000000000000000000001 horse power but your chain will last three times as long with less maint.

i regular non oring chain lets wheel spin much easier.makes it a lot easier to push bike back onto trail especially when you eat sh... and end up tumble a couple hundred feet down the side of a hill and into a big gully.


O-ring chains came onto the scene offering lower maintenance, longer life, and a cleaner operation verses conventional chains. Ideal for road bikes.

The concept is to use a specially shaped rubber ring to contain the grease within the internal rollers, as applied during the time the chain is assembled at the factory.

This grease is never again removed, cleaned, purged, or added to.

A secondary lubrication to a chain is between the sprockets and devices like chain blocks, rollers and guards. This usually requires a light film of oil or chain lube.

Therefore, all chain types need additional lube applied on a regular basis.

When a non o-ring chain is cleaned, all the previous lubrication, inside and out, is purged. The new chain lube provides both the internals and externals with lubrication.

When an o-ring chain is cleaned, only the outside dirt and oil is removed.

However, some o-ring chains will allow dirt and other foreign materials to enter the internals, causing the rollers to wear prematurely.

O-ring chains also produce more friction, robbing some power in order to break them around the sprockets.

I never use an o-ring chain for off road applications, however, desert racing or perhaps long enduros may warrant their use.

In all motocross and supercross applications, the more expensive non o-rings chains are your best choice.

Hope this helps.


Regina "X" Ring chain my personal choice hardly needs any adjustment which will save your sprockets. The "X" shaped orings have two low resistance wiper surfaces on them to help keep dirt out. In a race I would say use a non oring chain if your that fast that your going to feel a substantial difference. The factory chain lasted two months, JUNK!!

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