Rear axle bolt tight? chain adjuster bolts set, rear axle still moves?!

The axle nut is cranked. The chain adjustment marks are dead nuts rt and lt. If you grab the wheel right and left you can twist it right out of adjustment. Wondering if I'm missing a washer or something. Clymer manual is rather vague on this topic.

Thanks in advance

Hard telling with out a picture.

Maybe the bearings are shitbeaten.  There should be a big washer behind the axle nut.

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I don't know if this will matter or not but when you are doing your adjustment you are counting the marks from the back to the front correct?

No washer behind the axle nut. Let's see what else isn't in there.I have never bought a bike from a more more of a stooge in my life. The things I have come across on this bike are just ridiculous. Two tusk light kits hooked to nothing?! Legit fresh top end with papers but no other maintenance done....EVER. None of the hardware is OE or matches. Lol there were four brand new 12v battery packs in the airbox..loads of brand new parts installed wrong. It's been fun lol

BTW, these adjusters make adjusting the chain a snap.  No more using 2 wrenches, doesn't move when you tighten the axle nut.  real easy stuff.


Chain Tensioners.jpg

wheel bearings are knackered, or the spacer that sit between the bearings (inside the hub) is missing, which if it is your bearings are toast as well anyway

Check to make sure the rear brake caliper is in its slot.

The aaxle washer was missing and the nut itself was cranked down so tight it started to three itself into the collar of the axle. I grabbed a washer and tightened everything to spec. With everything tight went for a test ride and blew the wheel bearing to pieces at about 40mph. Guessing the bearing has been bad a while? Never seen one to trashed though. Thinking about ordering a new axle, nut and washer along with the bearing. Now that the nut is able to thread down 3 extra threads, I think it puts pressure on the fun fun


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Is there a collar in the hub between the bearings? I don't see one in the last picture.

Good call jojo.

Damn it!

Anyone have a rear wheel bearing spacer sitting around they don't need? Damn thing is gonna run me $30+

Can't even find one used

Make your own.  Install the new bearings, measure the distance between them, and cut a new spacer from stock at a metal supply house. 


Or, spend $30.

Got one on the way.

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