2015 yzf450 part interchangeability

As the title says. What parts from the 2014 are interchangeable with the 2015. IE plastics, exhausts, hinson clutch?


im 95% sure the plastics are but want to be sure before i order a few things.

From the press release i would say ....... Everthing

+1 ^


The 2015 YZ450F also gets black Excel wheels, gold chain, quarter turn fasteners on the airbox, Dunlop MX 52’s, new fork settings, and new motor mount shape/material. Yamaha has replaced the front aluminum motor mounts with steel that have more of an “L” shape. This is likely to help improve rigidity and  balance. The MSRP is $8,490 and both bikes will be released to dealers in mid-June.

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