timing ? again...

99 WR 400. what should the standard wr timing look like? In the manual from what I understood the timing dots on the cams should be level with the head and marks on top straight up. After my shim replacement I had my intake cam one tooth clockwise and it ran fine. Last night when I noticed this I returned the intake cam back to flush and it does run better but I have a "cough" at speed now and again. Do I need to rethink my jetting again? Is switching to yz timing by turning my exhaust cam a tooth clockwise worth it and should I rejet in either case?

well I think I will keep it as is. I kept my jetting the same and raised my needle a notch. My bike has never ran better. No bog, no decel issues and starts first kick without choke. No hesitation and no chugging which was extremely annoying considering my bike is plated. Still can't help but want to tinker with the yz timing but think I will just leave it alone.

The YZ timing is worth it, in my opinion. It adds quite a bit of power. No rejetting needed.

I think you got it ass about.

YZ timing is exhaust cam rotated/retarded.

You should have to actually undo cam to change to YZ timing because there isn't enough clearance from the chain slider.

As I said before, I have both cams "straight up" dots level with head. I bumped my exhaust cam clockwise a tooth and it seems like it runs worse not better. Sputter, cough, surge and some decel backfire. Unless I did something wrong. Looks like I will be going back to stock timing for now.

...Sputter, cough, surge and some decel backfire....


...are not cam timing problems.  That's carb, and possibly a TPS.

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