426 pipe/flywheel/gearing question

First, i ride mostly in woods. I was thinking of getting the 10 or 12 oz. stealthly flywheel replacement and also thinkin of the thunder alley (slip-on) for $250. Also, the gearing, i left the back sprocket the same and went one lower on the front (i think 13). It takes too much top end away. I guess leave the stock front and go to a 50 or 51 in back,huh? Also, would i just be better sticking with the stock pipe in the woods, thunder alley too much hit. Also wonder about heavier flywheel/Thunder alley combo? Anybody tried it yet? I'm 6'7", 235 lbs. Just sold my KX-500, don't miss it a bit. Thought I would never let it go. Any help appreciated.

I have the 12 oz. stealthly flywheel and like it alot for woods riding and when I motocross I can change back to stock if I like which I have not yet because I like the 12oz for everything....

i ride woods also..i run the 14/50 combo on my bike, with a 12 ounce flywheel...running stock muffler with a white bros titanium headpipe...the setup is nice..plenty of power on tap, but dont yank the bars from ya like a 2 smoker

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