so close to perfect

this is my first time posting a message and i too

think this site is cool.Im 42 years old and still

go sorta fast.all i really want to say is this,

i started racing in 1974 i've owned 26 different

dirt bikes. my last one was a 98 400f wich was

bulletproof. now i got an 02 426. this is by far

the closest to perfect bike i've ever ridden.

you get supercross quality handling,high speed

stability and excellent suspension all in one.

the motor is awesome and so is the reliability.

i do plan on buying the dubach hot start setup

but other than that,i don't see much room for

improvement.i would like some feedback on just

exactly what gains you get from bk mod.

humberto,the only thing faster than this is a

newer one of these. but i loved my 400.


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