04 Starter Conversion Mod -- Photos & Instructions

Courtesy of Indy_WR450, I have posted the part numbers, photos and installation instructions on www.wr450.com. Go to the photos section and you'll see the link for the 04 Starter Gear Conversion information. THANKS Indy!

Thank you for hosting David. :)

Thanks guys. Much appreciated!!!! :D:):D :D

Thanks Indy and the other pioneers into this upgrade, I'm off to the dealer to negociate prices.


Guys, Very well done!!!!!! :D Top notch!!!!!


Dave and Indy,

Great job!!! Thanks a lot for doing this for all of us!!

Jeff :)

This is what Thumpertalk used to be like..... :)

Thanks guys very helpful!! :)

Oh and what DanL said....

Great job :thumbsup:Thanks for being the Guinea Pigs on this. :)

Are you sure about the thrust washers?I put mine on either side. :)

Yes the thrust washers go on each side. I pulled the cover off of my '04 and checked just to be sure. I'm glad this is working out for you guys.

Yeah I had Dave update my instructions on his web site to show the washers on each side. :D I am going to leave them both on the outside and place a very thin one on the inside. Just does not make sense to have that poor an engagement with the gears. The 03 had no washer on this side. It may be only an issue when the torque limiter slips during a backfire. In my case this may be never. The washer is just to thick. :)


Yamaha Australia has the bushing available for the 03 side cover as a spare part and it's only about $3AUD dollars.

This saves the purchase of a new side cover if is isnt cracked/broken


Do you have a part number for the Australian 2004 WR450F Starter Side Case Bushing? With a part number, it would be much easier to talk to the parts guy at the local dealer. :)

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