&%$#@! just came out of my engine - pic inside

Clearly the original owner (guy whose name is on the title) spent a lot of money, The guys I got this bike from had no clue about anything. 


Funny I ran into a similar situation however I spent about 10 minutes on google and tracked the original owner down! Called him up, left a message and he got back to me almost within minutes :lol: super cool guy very knowledgeable, ended up better than expected!



I am not an $8/qt kind of guy. 


The trouble with $4/qt oil is that most of it won't stay in grade more than an hour or two in a gearbox.  Unless you like running a 30wt oil that you bought as a 40, you can avoid that by changing it every ride day, or every 2 hours of run time at most.  So you have a choice between running a $10/qt oil for 6-8 hours, or $16 worth of $4/qt oil.  You decide.

Many I run rotella 5w-30 in all my wet clutch 4 strokes. Dirt bikes, street bikes, ect. Never had a single issue. I do 8-10 hour oil changes with no issues at all. I ride mostly trail and single track so its not a super big deal for me, engine spends more time lugging than screaming. 

I run rotella 5w-30 in all my wet clutch 4 strokes


Yamaha specifies (X)w-30 for the 450 only when running in 70 ℉ ambient temperatures or lower.  Rotella doesn't offer a 5w-30 that I know of, so you may have intended to say 5w-40.  If not, better rethink.



Not sure why i was thinking it was 5w30

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