2010-2013 with Yoshi RS4 - What insert do you run ?

Hey Guys, 


Just got a stainless RS4 system for my 2012 YZ450. In Australia they only come with the spark arrestor insert. And the other inserts, if you can figure out which one to get, are hard to come by. The shop that sold it to me told me to just pull it out and run no insert, i'm yet to hit the track with it but it's clearly louder.


I don't have any noise restrictions to worry about, just my ears and those riding around me.


So my question is: What insert do you guys without noise restriction run ?





(Also in aus) I have a 2011 with a full rs4 system and I haven't bothered to remove the insert that came fitted. Sounds good as it is, and has plenty of power so haven't seen the point. So far I've only really ridden bush tracks so noise isn't too much of an issue

Cheers for the reply Bear.


Ended up pulling the spark arrestor insert out and made up one of my own that's not too restrictive but looks nicer than running no insert. Ran it at the track saturday and it wasn't annoyingly loud so all good.






Looks pretty tidy, nice work

What did you use to make your insert? Might give it a go

What did you use to make your insert? Might give it a go


Just some alluminium bar i had at work... bored it out, turned an internal taper on both ends, polished it and drilled the screw hole. Took about 20 minutes.


I've since bought a 99db Yoshi insert that supposedly isn't available for my pipe but somehow fits prefect. Off to Louee this weekend for 3 days so will give all 3 inserts a run and see if they really make much difference.

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