Neutral switch 2005 yz450f

Ok have a question have a 2005 yz450f and ordered the neutral switch cover to remove the switch but I have took both screws out and can not get the switch out am I missing something I know it has a spring on the other side but it's like the switch is stuck in there any help would be appreciated on how to get this thing out thanks

The switch is sealed by an O-ring around a cylindrical extension that fits into a bore.  Look at the new one.  The O-ring is probably just stuck.  Get under two opposite sides of the switch with small screwdrivers and pop it out. 


What is it you're trying to accomplish by replacing the switch with a cover?

Ok thanks and somehow something has broke one side off around the bolt and it started leaking around it so just seen tht plug for sale online would you go back with another switch instead of the plug

The function of the switch is twofold.  By telling the CDI when the bike is in neutral, the switch causes the rev limit to be lowered when the bike is out of gear (from 11,500 to ~7000), and tweaks the timing curve so that it has a better chance of passing sound tests.   IMO, it's more a matter of which one is more expensive.  The switch or its absence will not affect performance in any way.

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