eline ligting stator 4sale $250 obo.

I have a 99 yz400f and have to let this go. Works fine, got laid off and all projects are on hold. Included are the instructions and all hardware, and a spare eline flywheel setup. :)

Is it just tha stator and spare rotor, or does the ignition cover come with it?

the cover does come with it and also the shift lever. I forgot to mention that.



I'll take it if not sold yet. I sent you an e-mail.

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I never received your email? Anyway, it,s yours if you want it. I can send it c.o.d. or you can pay me with a credit card at


be sure to use this email address; andrewjw97@msn.com

also email with all the shipping info.

Thanx Eric. :)


I got a delivery failed message. Here is waht I sent. coil.gif

Is this the kit you have? Why a shifter also, is it different than stock? Does it just bolt on over the existing flywheel, or replace it? If it replaces it, does it weigh more than stock? I was just about to but a pro circuit ignition cover (magnesium with no plastic plugs), and really wanted a heavier flywheel weight also. This may do both for me, and add lighting ability also.

Sorry for so many questions.

Court Crowell

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the same company but different kit. The flywheel is screwed on to the existing flywheel with the us of a bolt that passes thru the eline flywheel and on to the bottom end, you must ffirst remove the existing flywheel nut and washer. Do not remove the existing flywheel. Also, this does not come with the rectifier/regulator. Feel free to ask anymore questions. About 14oz. flywheel added. If you would please, try my email again, this way i can get it fixed if it is not receiving.

Eric :)

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