Free piston mod 2014

Just replaced another set of fork seals, thought I'd do the free piston mod as well.


The forks have a noticeable click feel/sound in the first 3-4" inches of stroke. I don't recall this prior, maybe just didn't notice. Normal, or time for disassembly? I have yet to ride the bike again.

Stock springs?



No, TBT installed a set of firmer springs for my weight when I first purchased the bike mid last year. Come to find out they are the older, shorter springs with a machined spacer to make up the difference.

Aftermarket springs will sometimes have an increased tendency to  pitch or buckle sideways at some point in their compression instead of all the coils running perfectly in a cylindrical shape, which can lead to clicks and squeaks and other odd noises.  Might look for something loose at the valve stems, etc., too.

Thanks Gray. I'll check it out.

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