2014 450 hp

I just finished dynoing a yz 450 with a head that I ported  stock cams a piston I ported And set compression @ 13.7-1  we used renegade SX4+ fuel and an fmf pipe  and also stayed with the stock remaped ecu instead of the vortex  the bike makes 3 pounds more torque than stock and nearly 7 more hp  theres more power evey where and it makes 1 hp more than a factory kx 450 that had all of the parts from an RV bike including the factory racing ecu Yamaha built a real race bike this year.

Thats awesome.

I knew I saw the new head layout that there was a huge potential there.  Great design.   And, of course, you'd be the one to get the most from it.  Gonna be fun watching your stuff on the flat tracks.

Can the 14' head be fitted to the 10-13 engines; & would that same potential exist?

Just curious

The gaskets are the same on both models, bore and stroke are the same, but the cylinder is different.  Ron would know better.  It seems to me that the '10-'13 models use the same basic head, and that you should be able to get that kind of performance with the one they came with, unless there's a big difference in the ports that I don't see.

the head that came on the 2013 can be ported the bigger valves from the 2014 can be fitted as well as the cams I believe the 2014 cams are shorter duration the intake only has 242 *duration if I remember correctly the 2010 was over 250* and I was using a shorter duration cam in them.

Wow so you have 65hp out of her???

Time to take a run with the 5 hundo's

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