Rekluse Z-StartPro bike stalling

2012 WR450 with all basic mods - throttle stop screw gone, air box snorkels removed, comp ECU, megabomb header, Q4 exhaust and Rekluse Z-start pro clutch. Have stalling issues when I close throttle quickly as I ride over abrupt terrain changes. I talked with my mechanic who installed the clutch and he suggested increasing idle RPM; that did help some but has not eliminated the stalls. With a correctly adjusted Z-start I should not have stalling at all. Sent an email to Rekluse 2 weeks ago, no reply.


I would like any constructive suggestions that can help solve the problem from riders who have experience with this clutch.


Thanks - Dan

You need to re-adjust the base line settings for the z-start clutch

They drift over time as the clutch system breaks in

My 08 had the same problem ended up being jetting it would flame out if the throttle was chopped or slammed closed quickly. I would call JD jetting and see if they have an updated map.

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