Can I weld the frame w/o removing electrical components?

My hubby's bike has a cracked bead around one footpeg. Mig welding it won't hurt any of the electrical components that are attached to the frame, will it?

It shouldn't as long as you place the ground close the actual weld area. I had to weld on my Scott's so called "Bolt-On Stabalizer Mount" which is two inches away from the CDI box with out any damage to the electronics.

Kewl. Thanks!

i always unplug the cdi before welding...all it takes it 1 arc and the cdi will be fried

I unplug the CDI before I weld on any bike. 99 times it may be fine but the one time it isn't, I don't want to have to pay for a CDI. Unplugging it is free, paying for a new one isn't.

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