Wr450 starter problems. Please help!

I have a 2004 wr450.

Today I took it out for a spin and turned the bike off to take a break. When I went to turn it on again, I pressed the ignition on and the e-start started the bike without me hitting the start button. It does this every time now.

Has anyone else seen this?

I am suspecting the start switch is stuck open somehow but not entirely sure. Thanks in advance for the help.


Unplug the switch from the harness and then turn the bike on if it stops the problem its your switch,

if not its probably the relay .


This happened to my buddys wr also , ended up hitting the seat around the relay and it stopped .

Threw in a new relay and no problems since.

I will try that tomorrow morning, hopefully that will fix it. Thanks man!

Exactly. I think that switch is stuck in the ON position

When I say ON, if you put an ohm meter across it, it will show a connection

in the OFF position, it should be an open circuit (if functioning properly)

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