2014 wr 450 air box drain ?

Hi, just wondering if anyone could help. I just bought my new wr450, went for my first ride on her out at paddy swamp. Got back, cleaned and striped it down to notice that there was water sitting in the air box, no where to drain? But worried now to do the air box mod? Mate also bought a new one a few weeks prior and dropped it ino a puddle and now it's seized a ring and in the shop. I had a 01 426 and air box never held water. Bit paranoid now about any water crossings or puddles at all.

Not sure about the new one. The 07-11's have a clear hose toward the front of the air box at the bottom. If you put a little slit in it, it will drain or you pull it off to drain it and hey stay out of paddy's swamp !

I think the water will drain out of the air box drain hose if you pinch it.   Its a valve, sort of.

What's wrong with paddy swamp?

What's wrong with paddy swamp?

It's wet.

Cheers, might run like a 90 degree bend hose and do away with the clear blank

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