Does a '02 Wr426 have to worry about the grey wire mod?

I looked up free mods, does the Wr426 have to worry about the grey wire mod in any manner. The link was directed at 450's. Any help is appreciated with this newbie.

You don't have to worry about it and don't have to do it.  But you'll gain performance by doing it.

Thumperfaq is geared towards the 250 but the 426 has everything in the same place. 

I also have a 02 426 - Throttle stop and uncork the pipe , mod the air box . As far as the grey wire goes???? I have done it and really found no appreciable difference in disconnecting it .

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Hey thanks guys! I plan on doing the throttle stopper this weekend and if I don't need to mess with the grey wire I won't.


Dumb question, how can I tell if the pipe has uncorked?

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