Finding a WR450F?

Why is it so hard to find a new 2013 or 14 WR450F in the Michigan area? I have checked several dealers in the area and they have nothing. Is it just this part of the country or everywhere?

It's the same here in Missouri. They have 11's through 13's, but it's hard to get ahold of the 14's... I think my dealership can order them if needed.

I like when they advertise on cycle trader that they have them, then you drive there and they don't.

They're on CL. Just gotta widen your search. Why not a 2012 also?

Just picked up 2014 from Fun Mart Cycle in IL. $7100 delivered. I would think the dealers will want to move them out as 15's should be out any day.

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I am willing to look at any WR that is new and F&I. All kinds of them on Cycle Trader but when you call they don't have them. It is my understanding that the 15's wont be around until late August and most of the dealers around don't even have a 2015 allocated to them for the first run.

I'm driving 20 hours on Tuesday to buy mine :)

World of Powersports in Decatur Ill. has one

Looks like I may have to drive 6-7hrs to Fun Mart Cycle. They hit me out the door for $6786 inc. tax on a 2013. I dont care that it is a 2013 and I can use the saved money for some aftermarket fun parts.

I just picked up a 2012 from Peacock Limited in Baldwin, MI on Friday. They have one more left.

2012 -2014 are all indentical, if you can find carry-overs that's your best bet for sure. Good luck!

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