05 WR450 Oversized Tank

Looking for an oversized tank to train and eventually race with in a Hare and Hound. I have spent the last 2 days trolling the forum and seem even more confused. Most of the comments are older and not sure they are relevant anymore. Which tank do you guys recommend? Has IMS changed the old tank designs? Does the Acerbis 3.3 make the center of gravity noticeably off with gas in the built in shrouds. Opinions welcome. It's been 30 years since my last motorcross race and have never raced desert, so sorry if this question is old news. THX

I just put the Acerbis 3.3 on my 04.  It is the same tank as the 05, in fact I thought my bike was an 05 until I got the tank and found that the stock shrouds wouldn't work, then checked my VIN.  Anyway, in spite of the confusing pictures you see on many websites this tank does not have the built in shrouds that hold gas and for your bike the stock shrouds work.  I did not even look at the IMS after reading Baja Fool's comments about fires; some have said that the problem was fixed but I figured why take the chance.  The tank went on without any problems; no modifications to anything were necessary and no problems hitting my Flatland radiator guards.  Tank has a petcock on either side and requires you to run a line from one side to the other and tee it in.  I threw away the provided plastic tee and clear fuel line and went to Autozone and got a brass tee and real fuel line.  I rode 90 miles in Baja a few weeks ago and didn't hit reserve.  I've not noticed any handling differences but I'm a quad guy just learning to handle a motorcycle and am a total hack.

I have the Acerbis 3.3 gallon on my 09.  It carries some of the gas in the built in shrouds and some of that gas is below the level of the petcock so it's not accessible.  I worry about taking a spill and damaging the shroud area and getting a leak.  And it made the sleek bike look like an ugly mutt.  I wish I'd gotten a different one I've seen where you need to use YZ shrouds.  One of the oversize tanks carries some of the gas low and dangerously close to the header.  

Thanks all, I have also heard that IMS has resolved the issues and has just removed the petcock from the right side. They say in the instructions online that u just lean the bike over to transfer fuel from right to left on the 3.1 gal. Thanks for the input. Still undecided.

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