Another easy question.

Hey everyone. I've got another easy question again. I'm about to do an oil change on my 2001 wr426f, and I had some questions about the oil. First, how much do these typically take (from empty, to plenty)??? my old wr450 was something like 1.75 quarts if I remember right. I would assume this isn't much different because the bikes are practically the same, but just wondering if anyone knew right off... The only reason I ask is bc my manual just says how to add oil and how to check if it's at the right level. It doesn't really give a good indication of how much...

Also this leads me to my next question of if I can use just regular 10w-40 motor oil? Again, my manual says to use 10w-40 for hotter operating temps. (Summer) and 10w-30 for lower temps.

I have always used yamalube, but I cannot get it locally and usually have to order it online. I do have a local autozone and oreilies, and I can pick any choice of regular engine oil I want there, but is there any real difference in using yamalube over some castrol?

Not sure about the quantity, read the manual, but don't use just any old car oil.  Any 10W40 motorcycle oil will do.  I and many others use Rotella T6 synthetic 5W40 or Rotella T 15W40.  Both are sold at Malwart by the gallon.  

- you can download a service manual for free on Yamaha's site

- .9 oil / 1.1 with filter change

- you can use any oil you want as long as it is not friction modified (JASCO MB rated) and as long as it is at least MA rated.

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