2007+ clutch in 2005 WR

Does anyone know if a 2007+ clutch basket and primary drive gear will fit in my 2005 WR450?  I'd like the higher primary drive ratio of the later model bikes...

I checked the part numbers for the 2005 and 2007 WR's - the clutch boss, clutch plates, thrust washers, etc, are mostly the same part numbers across both bikes. The only part numbers that have changed in the clutch assembly are the primary drive gear and primary driven gear (the parts I want to swap), and the clutch push lever components and push rod (which shouldn't affect the drive/driven gear).


The Primary driven gear in fact only changes from 5XD-16150-20-00  to 5XD-16150-60-00 suggesting they are interchangeable according to this thread - http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/774728-understanding-yamaha-part-numbers/


It seems to me they should interchange as long as both gears are swapped.  Is there something I'm missing, before I go ahead and buy the 2007 parts?

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