426 or 250F, what do you recommend


I would suggest the 250F. That bike is an absolute blast. You will not outgrow the power. I ride an 00'426 and my buddy has an 01'250f. We often trade bikes - yeah he comes off mine bragging about the power. But I'll come off his with envy myself. His bike is very controllable. It's very forgiving. And that makes it less tiring. And it's got more than enough power. My bike has some serious balls. Sometimes that power can get you into trouble. Anyone here ever experience the death grip over a series of whoops - then you'll know what I'm saying. When I start getting tired, I find myself holding on for dear life with my feet flapping in the wind. On the 250F, that doesn't seam to happen. My lap times are the same with each bike. I actually think I'm a smoother rider on the 250f but my 426 makes up some serious ground. Where you'll need to rail a berm on the 250f to clear a double or something, on the 426, just point and shoot and wow, I just cleared the landing. My buddy's lap times are quicker with the 250F - he has a hard time adapting to the xtra power. He does state that my bikes beats the sh!t out of him. So I think the 250f is the way to go. Just my opinion. I wouldn't trade my 426 for one - but I would sure love to have both. If I can con the old lady, then I'm getting one for the collection. I just agreed to getting her a freakin' mini-van, so maybe I'll have some lee-way.



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I totally agree with Scott F about the 125. DO NOT bother. They were never intended to pull your tonnage around. So there you have it - half of us say get the 426 and the other half is saying to get the 250F. What were you expecting - a clear cut winner? Impossible.

You know - I just read your original post again. I see your mostly gonna trail ride and fart around with no intention to ever race. That would make me suggest the 250F again. But then I read you weight 235lbs? Let's see - a really big guy in the woods - Dude - get the WR426. That seams to be right up your alley. It's already pretty much set up for the woods but you can also moto it when the urge gets you. And when you have a craving for more power (you will), you can uncork the WR to YZ settings. There you go - yet another bike to pander over. Hope this helps.



Thanks all for your insights. The good news is that a friend of the family has a YZ426 that I will get to ride, before I make a buying decision. The bad news, is that I won't be able to ride a 250F.

Scott F was right when he said "you obviously want a 250". I am really leaning that way. I don't think I will be bored with it. I am pretty much a squid. I hit a single jump, go four feet in the air for 6 feet, and I feel like I'm Travis Pastrana.

Anyway, once I ride the 426 I will know for sure. If that bike seems like too much, then it will be 250F all the way.

Thanks again for the info.


I am 6'2", 240lbs, 37 years old. I have never gone beyond the Novice or C class. Last year I bought a new bike after a five year moto lay-off. I got the WR426F and have really enjoyed it. I have ridden it back to back with a WR250F, a YZ426F, and a DRZ400E. For non-track use the 2 WR's are definitely the best choice, which one is a tough call. If you do any serious hill climbing I would recommend the 426, otherwise I really don't think the bigger bike will make you go any faster. The manageability of the 250 will probably allow you to improve your skills easier than the 426 will. I love riding the WR250, it makes me feel a lot faster than I used to think I was :)

I wouldn't consider a 125 to be a good adult beginer bike, especially for a large person. The power is way too hollow and peaky. If you want a 2 smoke, a KTM 200 or 250 EXC would probably be a better choice.

Well, I better "weigh in" here. I have owned both bikes (see sig), and at 6' 160, I don't understand how heavy guys can be happy with the 250. Sure, it will pull them around ok, but come on, I think the realistic upper weight for the 250 is around 180 for racing. Let me put it another way, 170 for expert/pro class, 180 for intermediate, 190 novice, 200 beginner.

Walter, if you just want to putt around, have fun, and not go fast, you will be happy with the 250. And if/when you become a power monger, you can easily sell/trade the 250 for a 426. You obviously want a 250, so go for it! But if you are athletic and physically fit (or want to be), and want to accelerate hard, get the 426. Whatever you do, don't put your large behind on a 125. That just doesn't make any sense.

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