Compatible stators? 2000WR400

Hey guys,  Posted this in wrong area, sorry.

Long time no see.


I managed to get my engine out of my road legal bike and attempted to remove my flywheel.

I damaged some of the copper wire in the stator doing so, and the flywheel still didn't come off with a puller.


So I got my WR into an engine specialist (He does hill climb race builds-  had an awesome 350 hp quad with a CBR900 RR engine and nitrous setup).  


He said the stator will be shot, and that it's going to be $980 to replace a welded counterbalance bearing, fix my galled threads on the flywheel (from failed pull attempt).  The piston and Nikasil sleeve were fine, but he wants to replace the piston anyway due to the hours on bike.  Though I was in sticker shock I'm proceeding with this rebuild.


The problem is, I've hit a brick wall finding a stator.  I can't really afford $300 for a new OEM replacement, and so far I've been turned down on re-wires.


Is there any compatible stator for this bike that is drop in, or a slight mod and will be cheaper?  This rebuild broke my savings, and is breaking my heart since she's my favorite ride.



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Stators from any '98-'02 WR400/426 will fit.


Have you contacted Ricky Stator about rewinding?

i dont think used ones exist anymore. ive been looking for one for my yz400 and havent had any luck either.

used wr 400/426 stators are tough to find , occasionaly I see the Baja designs ones for sale if you are needing lights it may be a consideration for you?

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