LaRocco Wins!!!!!!!!!

For all who doubted hes still got it. I say LaRocco 2002 Supercross champ! I figure hes thinking now or never at his age(younger than me ).

As for the post below about the man being week mentally, I say hes got to be one of the toughest out there. Hes gave it his all for a very long time. Most riders would have given up a long time ago.

I just wish Ferry was in it!!!!

Was that a good race, or what? I wanted Pastrana to win, but he made a mistake while he had a good lead...what was up with that!!! Oh well, managed to get back up and powered back to third.

LaRocco was looking good last night. Nice and smooth. He deserved to win after riding like that!

Ya, ya, ya, one win after 7 years of trying and suddenly he's the mental rock of gibralter. Like I said, I'd love to see him take it this year, sincerely. I just don't share the opinion that he's tough mentally (or at least has been over the last 7 years). It is the 7 years of failed attempts to win that has me convinced he was mentally weak for those 7 years. It wasn't a lack of conditioning, skill, desire, equipment, support, injuries, or voodoo was it? No, he simply didn't have the mental fortitude that he has today. I don't know what or who lit the fire under his butt (although I think it was RC joining the team that compelled him to get it done), but I'm glad to see it. I think he's thinking he'll lose his ride after this year if RC (new to the Honda) smokes everyone and he's still not on top of the podium, and if they did who could blame them.

He's paid his dues many years ago and is long overdue for the championship he deserves.

Please DO NOT post the results of a race in your post title.



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I'm behind LaRocco 100% but the biggest miracle of all is he won on that damn tin can frame, look what it's doing for RC

LaRocco is hard charger and I'm happy he won. But in two instances I thought he took cheap shots that were very dangerous. The first time was going over the big finish line jump, LaRocco cuts off Windam and moves over on him in mid air. Windam goes down hard. Then a few laps later he does the same thing to Villemin (sp?)in the same place. I was cheering for LaRocco but I thought those moves were way too dangerous and uncool. He would have probably won anyway. Great racing. Travis was great till went down. But what was Travis wearing. That was the ugliest shirt I have ever seen.

Anybody know what happened to Thain and Goesllaar. Why weren't they racing in the 125s?

Also, please don't post the results in the title line. Lots of us watch the race on TV later. Thanks.

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Larocco rode fantastic, but if Pastrana hadn't hit neutral and eaten it, he would have been hard to catch. Big lead and once he got up he was atleast as fast as Larocco. James Stewart rode the race of the night though, he fell 2 feet after the holeshot line and got up in dead last. Came back to get second and if there was one more lap he would have had won it. The kid is amazing. For those of you who were at the race, just thought I would let you know that Bobby Bonds will suffer from no paralysis. He was the 125 rider who got landed on by Danny Smith on the first lap of the 125 race. He broke his neck in 2 places and his back in 3 places. Remember him in your prayers. DirtDgr, it kinda kills the excitment of watching the race for those people who intentionally don't search out the results if you post the race winner in your subject line. Don't get me wrong, if anybody winning a supercross race deserves to be in the title line, it's Larocco, but save it for the post. Thanks...


PK- I hadn't heard anything on Bonds until now. The LA Times said he was "complaining of back pain." Are you sure about the broken neck/back? Thats sad but I guess not as bad as it could have been. The accident looked painfull.

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Im glad Laracco Won! it seemed like if vuillemein had 2 more laps he could of taken it.....he was charging pretty hard..tooo bad for travis, I thought he had it pinned!! way too fast in the whoops, Rooting for RC hope he will do better! Watching Bonds get hit was pretty gruesome, hope everything goes well for him. :)

I just think that is a great that this year, 2002 is not a MC vs. RC as in years past. Everyone has kicked it up a notch & it is actually enjoyable to see new faces in the top 5. I only wish Ferry was doing better.......hope to see him top 3....Here's one to Larocco! Keep it up.

LaRocco is one tough SOB. I was hoping he would get a win this year. He deseves it. It's amazing to see someone as competitive as him stay competitive for as long. I do beleive he was the last 500cc winner. As for his agressiveness - that comes with his experience - there use to be a lot more agressive passing years ago. Anybody remember Damon Bradshaw? Anyway, maybe Windham should remember that and start being aggressive himself. However, to some extent, I do agree with Thumpy. Last year he woke up a little - but before that? He did absolutely nothing with Suzuki except bitch about the bike. That's not cool. I do think RC has motivated him even more this year. Who knows - it does make things interesting.

The question here is - what the %$#@ is going on with MC? Did he concentrate so much on RC that he overlooked everyone else? I must say, every heat race this year is a main event. AWESOME!! As for me, until Ferry gets into the picture, I'll have to go for Villenuim - he rides BLUE. No wait - I can't do that - he freakin' FRENCH :) Damn it - where's Ferry? Go Travis!



I still believe in Jeremy, but he looks like he hasn't even seen a motorcycle since Vegas 2001??? If it ain't Jeremy, let it be Larocco!! :)

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