Gearing 01 YZ426F

So I took my 2001 YZ426F out trail riding in Corral Canyon east of San Diego yesterday. The bike is pretty new to me and I grew up racing enduro in the technical woods/trails in the North East on a Kawasaki KDX220 enduro bike. The 426 has some balls!! :jawdrop: I love it. The only thing I'm not too fond of is the fact that at slow speeds on technical rock gardens or hill climbs you really need to work the clutch otherwise it will stall. I know thats because its an MX bike not designed for trail riding but I don't race or ride track. I decided to order a 52T rear sprocket up from the stock 49T to see if it will help. Does anyone have any experience with 3 up in the back? How different is it? I do ride the desert sometimes so I don't want to gear it too low but I also want to be able to charge some of the more technical stuff without having the slip the clutch the entire time. I also have been looking into the Rekluse clutch but they aren't cheap. I would love to hear some feedback from anyone who has experience with the 426 on the trail!

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Once dialed in he 426 is an awesome machine. It seems to be either a love or hate relationship with most people. I'm running a 52T on my 01 426. I do all trail riding with the occasion desert trip. The 52 was much more comfortable down low for me. If I remember correctly I changed to a 13 up front as well. The bike will always require a lot of clutch work to keep it from lugging or stalling in the tight stuff. Over time you will learn to change your clutch habits in order to get the most from it. Once you get acquainted to the bike and have it modded to your liking it is a great woods bike.

Here are my thoughts on pros/cons for this bike in the woods:


Lots of punch/ tons of low end torque

Wider and heavier feel than the newer bikes (more stable in the faster stuff IMO)

The most reliable bike I have ever owned

One of the more fun bikes I've ever owned


Even when tuned correctly the carburetor is extremely temperamental

Heavy bike in the tight/slow terrain

Easy to stall during the technical stuff

The power hits so hard it's often hard to control when you get a heavy right wrist

Here are the mods I've done to my bike to make it a fun/trail friendly machine-

Cycra hand guards

ASV hand guards

Rekluse Clutch (AWESOME for the woods but $$$)

07 Carb (post '05 YZ carb swap highly recommend)

12 oz flywheel weight ( if you can find one)

Oversized rads (only because I cracked my stock)

Oversized fuel tank

Suspension tuned to your weight/ riding style (like you would do to any bike of course!)

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