Broken radiator! Where do i find a new one?

Where do you guys get a new radiator? I destroyed mine in the last harescramble. I looked on ebay but they all look like cheap aftermarket ones.

I would buy a used ebay oem unit before i bought a cheapo aftermarket one.


I have bought a number of parts for various bikes from this guy:


his prices are fair and selection is good. No relation to teh seller other than satisfied customer.  

Can't go wrong with OEM. I've had good like with Fluidyne radiator products in the past but that was a few years back. Not sure what they are like now.

Check out Myler's radiator in Utah.  Fast, low cost, reliable repairs. Great service.  Don't discount the possibility of fixing it until you've looked at their before/after page.

I have GPI rads from ebay on my crf450. cheap, larger than stock. Haven't bent or twisted mine yet. Ive read alot of good about them before i decided to give them a shot. what do you have to lose? its not like the OEM ones are any good (strong) either

Sometimes Mylers has refurbished ones.  

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