what would cause a bike not to start

probably the idiot try to kick it over

Take the spark plug out and put it in the spark plug cap and then ground the silver part of the plug against the frame. Turn on the ignition and bump it over with the electric start or give it a kick. You should be able to see a spark. Wear some goggles in case some drops of gas or anything else comes shooting out of the spark plug hole at your face. If you see no spark then you have an electrical (ignition) problem of some sort which needs to be corrected before you go any further. Once you get this answer you can decide how to play it from here.

Hey guys havent been here is awhile looks completely diffrent. Get this can start my 426 anyday of the week with a few kicks but my wifes ttr225 I can get that piece of crap started for anything. It has a new plug, gas flowing to the carb and a fresh battery but the thing will not catch ( ease of electric start my a$$)any ideas???? Spins over strong just won't fireup. Thanks for any help you can give!

I spent 15 minutes trying to start my GF's breand new DS650 quad thinking it was out of gas/needed choke/flooded/fouled/POS/etc until I realized it has a 'run/stop' switch...

Dave S

I think the valves may be out of adjustment. I have spark ( thanks for the info above) put gas in the sparkplug hole done everything possible. It does turn over really strong and sparks just wont catch not to sure what else it could be. Dont four strokes have to have compression to crank??? I think that may be the problem.

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