2001 yz426 wont start after crash and winter storage

Last summer I had an unscheduled dismount and smashed my left side radiator, I got the new radiator on no leaks, tried to start it and gas started leaking out the overflow so I took the carb off and cleaned it also replaced the needle and seat, bike still won't start has a new plug and I checked it has good spark, if I let it sit with the gas on for a min with choke it will hit a little bit but after that nothing

Did you take the fuel screw out when you cleaned the carb? If it's an aftermarket one that requires removal to remove the float bowl make sure it's been properly reinstalled and the small tip on it is still intact.

First thing to check is that you haven't done something as basic as to install the float upside down (you don't have to tell anyone), or incorrectly set the float level, and that nothing is binding the float. 


It's pretty common for varnish deposits to partially clog the pilot jet.  The orifices in these are extremely small, usually around .016-.018", and just a film dried on the sides can reduce a #45 to a #30, making the bike nearly impossible to start and run.



Yeah I do have a tusk fuel screw, it was intact, I think once I get some more free time I will remove the carb again and take all the jets out maybe I missed something and yes the float was right side up and moved freely

What is a good starting point to have the fuel screw at I checked it before I took it out and it was a tad past 2 turns out, I usually have to adjust it a tad as it gets warm and humid or cools off

2-2.5 turns out should put you in the ballpark.

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