e-starting promblems



I have a 2005 WR450F.

Lately I'm having problems getting the bike started with the e-start. When I press the start button the bike goes click click under the seat (starter relay working) and a soft grrrrr grrrrr on the left side. Sometimes the engine would turn over a couple of times slowly (very slowly) before going click-click-grrrrr.


So fare I have done the following tests:

  • The battery is new and good and reads 12.9v on a multimeter.
  • 12.9v is passed onto the positive to the starter.
  • The starter's positive connection lug on the starter motor is clean (btw is was very rusty - but the clean connection didn't solve the problem)
  • The earth connection is good.
  • I removed the torque limiter from the motor and the starter motor spins good - I did that by feeling the starter spline gear at the top right of the torque limiter opening.
  • I then checked the starter clutch and turns freely the one way and locks up the other way - I'm assuming it is good.
  • I then replaced the torque limiter in it's space but without the cover. I held the shaft in place with my finger and gave it a brief blip of the starter button - the torque limiter would turn in a jerking way - but not convincingly - almost the same as when completely assembled - click-click-grrrr.

I have come to believe that the grrrr grrrr noise is the torque limiter probably doing it job. My question now is, does it happen that the torque limiter has lost it's torque and now slipping it's clutch system but too weak to turn the motor.

I have now become used to kick starting the bike - which btw fires up very easily - even from cold - so, I don't believe its the bare motor itself.


Is possible to service the torque limiter. Remove the circlips - but what it there to look at to see if it's working properly?


Thanks in advance.





I did some more testing... it just seems like the starter motor hasn't got enough vooma to turn the engine..

I did some more testing... it just seems like the starter motor hasn't got enough vooma to turn the engine..


You probably have a  worn out starter (shorted windings) or brushes that are almost gone

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