brake problem

I started bleeding my brakes yesterday. It started acting like it had air in it so I proceeded to bleed. It never would gain back pressure. It would bleed fluid. Then the next few times it would be air. Then fluid again. There are no visible leaks. Any help would be appreciated.

I also have to add that it is the rear brake.

Once you have a good flow of clear (air-free) fluid at the bleeder, refill the reservoir, apply light pressure to the pedal, and crack loose the banjo bolt where the line attaches to the master cylinder.  It's a high point, and a bubble lives there.  There's enough room in the fitting to let the fluid bypass it without dislodging it.

Thats the thing unless I haven't bled it enough I can't get a steady flow of fluid.

Grey is right. Make sure the res. is full bleed it from the rear master first then continue on to the rear caliper. If that doesn't work I would pull the rear master, take it apart and inspect the seals. Rear seal kits are pretty inexpensive.

Fill the master, open the bleeder, press the pedal or lever lightly to start fluid moving, then just let it drain through while keeping the level in the master up above the bottom.  Close the bleeder, put light pressure on the lever, and crack the banjo fitting at the MC loose. Done.

I think the seals are bad. If I open the bleeder right after I push the brake down, it squirts out. If I wait a little before I open the bleeder, it comes out slowly.

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