Can I use a 2014 head on a 2010?

Hey, I have a chance to pick up a 2014 gytr head for about 700 less than what it is new. Will it work with my 2010? 


Here are the head assy part numbers: 2010 33D-11102-00-00 2014: 1SL-11102-00-00, but the head gasket part numbers are the same: 33D-11181-00-00 and surprisingly so is the exhaust gasket, which I figured would be different: 33D-14613-00-00


So yeah. Do you think it's worth trying out or not?



I don't know the answer, but it might fit.  You've checked the head gasket, now compare the timing chain, head bolts, and cam cover (or gasket).  If these interchange, it's a safer bet.

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