Rec Reg Wiring Issue

Hi All,

Bought a mavericks rec reg kit wired it all up as per instructions and all worked well.

Went to wire up the electric horn with the positive and negative head light wire started the bike and now nothing works.

Removed the horn wiring put back to normal and nothing still works?

Any suggestions on what to do to fix this?


No one knows what a "mavericks kit" consists of, or what kind of bike you're working on.

Hi mate

I'm from AU

The bike I have is a YZ450F

A rec reg kit is a headlight, rear tail light and brake light, horn and number plate light kit.

This is required to ride in our national parks and state forests legally.

Problem is fixed now... There was a short in the headlight assembly throwing the system into shutdown.

Thanks for your help anyway


Very well.  Still don't know what model you have, but whatever.

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