Street bike magazine comparison/shootout with YZ450

Cycle World was my favorite mag for a very long time.  Their road and dirt bike tests always included a spec sheet with measured performance results and weights, dimensions, etc.  Much more professionally done than any of the current batch of dirt mags, IMO. 


And not once do I recall them saying, "...added a tooth the rear to bring third gear in sooner...".   

That's such a great point, Gray! When I bought my 2011 it was winter so I read all the bike reviews and figured I should put a 49 tooth sprocket on the rear... to bring 3rd gear in sooner. I rode it that way a whole season. Next season I put the original 48 back on and it was way better for my riding style. Lesson learned. That's why I appreciate the members here who encourage new bike owners to ride the bike first before they "fix" it! Also, Kevin Cameron at Cycle World has very interesting articles.

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