CO settings for 13 WR450

 I am buying a new 2013 WR450F next week and want the dealer to set the correct CO before I pick it up to help with starting. They are also installing the the Comp. ECU, throttle screw and the GTYR muffler insert. After seaching the forum I am getting all kinds of different numbers. What is a good starting point for the dealer to set the CO at or will their FI tool tell them the right setting for that bike? Thanks for any help.


Where in michigan are you

I am in Macomb Twp. I have lots of experience with turbo Hayabusa's and old school GSXR's but this is all new to me. It has been 25 yrs since I rose a dirt bike but my son son has really put the screws to me. So I am now buying a WR450 and a TTR125 for him. We are mostly just looking for trail riding for now until he gets more confident, since this is his first bike. Where are you from?

Mine is at 8 and the hot staring issue is a non-issue now.


I have the comp ECU & FMF Q4 muffler, stock header.

Any dealer making CO changes without using an EGA is you're waisting you're time and money. 

CO at 10 and keep the idle at or near the recommended 2k (+- 100).


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