Not your typical oil leak

So movers moved my YZ426 from Cali to NC. It leaked a quarter of a quart on the trip. My bike had never leaked oil up to the point of me giving it to movers. So two questions 1) do these bikes randomly leak oil? I cleaned it and it hasn't leaked since. 2) would you run it knowing it did leak but doesnt now? I wanted to find out if it ran but not blow it up. Of course I will top off the oil first. Thoughts?

Why do you think it leaked?  Was there a trail of oil coming out of one area, was there a puddle of oil below the bike, did you just check the amount in it before or after, etc.?  Without more info, and taking for fact oil came out during the trip, perhaps it was tipped over and oil ran out the breather tube.

Did they show you the puddle or complain about it?  Odds are that it simply drained from the tank into the crankcase.  Remove the oil cap/dip stick and start the engine.  Look down the fill port with a flashlight, and you should immediately see a stream of oil being returned to the tank from the sump via the oil line running from the crankcase up the left side of the frame.  If so, run it until the stream becomes broken and sporadic, then shut it down and check the level.  If it was full and lost a quarter quart, it will still have over a quart in it.


If you don't see the return stream, you have a problem.  Shut it off.  Never add oil to a YZF that's been sitting for a week or two without running it first, or you'll overfill it one day and make a mess.

There was a plastic tub below the bike and showed me the oil. It had run down the bottom of the frame. I'll run it and look for the stream and go from there. Thanks boys.

Here's the oil.


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