VP Cycleranch = primo fun

Man! Today at VP was a blast! Loopout even got his helmet cam going and we got a little footage.

And I need to say, the 120' triple stepdown is AWESOME...not as difficult as it looks, it is just the "balls factor" that kicks in and scares some people. You got to hit the jump in the upper part of the powerband in 4th gear to make it all the way, I don't know how tall the takeoff is, I would guess 15-17' and the view from the air is killer as you sail down the backside.

That track just keeps getting better and better, the jumps are fun but challenging, as well as being safe, there is usually some room for error if you come up a bit short as most landing are not killer peaks....

Antyway, just have to say, you thumper guys need to get to VP if you can, it is worth the admission price!

Hey there

I just started riding in the San Antonio Area haven't made it down there yet. What other areas do you ride. I'm from Montana and can't believe how little of areas there are to ride here for being such a huge state..

There is Splendora, I hear it is nice, have not been there yet myself, I just got started back in MX after a 4 year layoff. Bastrop is kinda cool for a change of pace as it is a little tighter with some small SX type jumps. VP Cycleranch is the **** though in this area, it is awesome. You should go next sunday with me, mxaddict and Loopout, I will be out blasting some laps....

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