2012 wr450 countershaft leak

I have a 2012 450 supermoto. its got ~900 miles on it. Its leaking oil right around the counter shaft. I have replaced the seal and its still doing it. It is fine idling in neutral and doesn't leak a drop, however as soon as I put it into gear and put a load against it (ride it) it starts pissing oil out from behind the counter shaft sprocket. Could the saft be bent? Im praying not because I have no idea how to split cases. Could I have pounded the new seal in too far and that would cause it to leak?

Not sure what you did to have it leak at 900 miles...


You replaced it, huh?  How did you replace it? Tell us what you did.

My 12 started leaking there as well. When i installed the new seal I made sure not to drive it in to far, i don't think there is a lip for the seal to bottom out against.

There's an oring in there that needs to be replaced also.

On my 06 YZ450 I didnt put the seal in far enough and the thing started leaking right away, that's a given though. Maybe there is a chunk of metal or something chewing at the seal. Did you look the old one over?

Usually dirt under the seal causes it to leak, but if its a supermoto then that's unlikely


How did you re-assemble it?

Spacer (with o-ring in the id) should go on first then, fit the seal afterwards, else you risk damaging your new seal on inseertion of the spacer if you fit the seal first & hence it will leak


Try and see if its leaking from between the seal & spacer or between the spacer and the shaft

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