2007 WR450 red exhaust after brief run up/down street

Yes, I have seen the FAQ about this, however I still wanted to throw the question out there in relation to my jetting specs:


1) I live at~4500 feet ASL

2) I have JD jet kit installed with: red needle #4 clip position, stock 45 pilot, and 165 main.

3) All other jets are stock but I did add the thinner o-ring on the AP screw per JD instructions. 

4) Grey wire mod

5) TPS unplugged


I noticed it and pretty much freaked out as this is my first thumper and right away googled it and was brought to the FAQ section on this site. I also hear it is pretty common if these WR's stay put to long and getting them moving even a little will help.


I have also found info that the pilot could be lean and or I need to adjust the fuel screw out a little. 


Thank you for any help. 

Your jetting specs are fine


The determining factors are:


- stock header? Then it's Ti, and glows quickly

- popping upon deceleration? Turn out your fuel screw....

- still popping? you have an air leak, or a partially blocked pilot jet or pilot passage way, or a leaking hot start nut or plunger

-  Idleing still for more than 2 min? Then this will happen

I will double check those areas, thank you for your help! 

I switched out the stock 45 pilot for a 48. However, I discovered that the threads on the hot start nut were a bit worn out so now I have to wait until tomorrow to get a new nut and put her all back together for a test ride. 

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