2005 yz450f water pump

Ok guys have a question doing a bottom end rebuild on my bike and when I took the outer cover off i was turning the water pump and noticed it felt like it was turning against the metal underneath and if I pull out on the impeller it stops and turns freely but my problem is should there be any free play in the impeller shift or does it sound like the bearing has gone bad causing the side to side movement. Thanks

The shaft is a slip fit into the bearing, and the bearing does not control end play.  When assembled, the shaft is captive between the balancer shaft and the impeller shaft bearing, and can't shift back and forth so much.

Yeah I figured out what it was the last dummy tht rebuilt the motor didn't put the washer behind the impeller and tht was causing the little bit of play that was in it

Let me say this again: The impeller shaft end play is not controlled by the shaft/bearing/crankcase cover assembly unless or until it is bolted to the engine. The outward movement is stopped by the bearing, and the inward movement is stopped by the balancer shaft. The washer behind the impeller IS NOT a thrust washer, and contributes nothing to end play control. It serves only to bolster the impeller against the shoulder on the shaft.

Gotcha thanks for the info

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