removing a front disc brake guard

when i bought my yz400 it came with a devol front disc guard. i never really liked it and have yet to crash something into it so i wana take it off. but am i gona need a spacer or something to make up for it when i take it off? i dont wana pull the wheel to find out i need something. thanks.

Remove it if you want. No spacers, no wheel removal needed.

It should just be 3 bolts right there you can see. And you won't gain anything... I say leave it in

this ones definatly held on through the front axle. its an alluminum devol guard. the plan was to try and sell it to fund much needed hand guards. i might just leave it.

If the axle passes through it, remove the disc guard, and replace the spacer you find on that side with a new left side wheel spacer, PN: 5DH-25183-00-00.



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