Tire pressure, handle bars, synthetic oil or not?

Hey guys,

First question, tire pressure, what pressure would any one reccomend when riding off road, I know that it should be lower than when riding on the street. I have a 2003 XR650L and I am looking for recomendations on a upgrade in handle bars, maybe something that will allow for more of a 'full stand up', with the stock bars I can't stand all the way up.

Lastly, who is in the know on synthetic oils, I am currently running Honda's HP4 Synthetic/petroleum blend w/out Moly. Any suggestions or advice?

Thanks in advance,


I've been using GN4 on the 400 for over 5 years. The last time I checked the valves everything in there that I could see looked good and clean so I'm going to stick with it in the 650. I have Pro Tapers on the 650 that were on the 400 and plan on buying another new set for the 650 and put the old ones back on the 400. I'm going to get the CR HI bend. I run 13 psi front and rear unless it's muddy then I run 10-11 psi front and rear.

I ride in the rocks alot so I usually put 17-18 psi in my knobbie tires to prevent flats. :)


17 psi is a good all-around pressure for a "dualie" like yourself and me. No threat of pinch flats and good traction off-road. Tire selection will also dictate higher or lower pressures depending on the type: GP, enduro, knob, etc.

I'm 5'10" and recently switched to the CR-Hi bend with less sweep and more rise. Big difference in the controls and much less vibration over the stock bars. If you need more height, you want to get riser blocks to raise (any) bars higher.

I switched to Mobil 1 15W-50 "red cap" full synthetic after doing much research and postings on this and other forums. The concensus was that the synths don't break down like the dino oils. Bike shifts more smoothly and (I believe) runs cooler, even without the air scoops. No loss of oil either. Best advice about oil is to change it often and you'll be safe with whatever you use. :)

Queston on the CR HI-Bend bars, a friend of mine put his FMF or 909 CR HI bars on his 03 650R and all I seem to remember him saying was that his arms hurt or it took some getting used to. I seems like the logical choise is the CR HI for anyone with an XR I just didn't want them to have a funcky or wierd feel. Your opinions?


The Renthal CR-Hi bend bars are very close to the stock XRL bend in almost every dimension, except for the rise and the sweep. These Renthals don't bend back towards the tank as much and the clutch and throttle ends are angled up (higher rise) a bit more.

This straighter setup doesn't turn your wrists inward as much and seems to give you more leverage for lifting the front end and more leg to bar clearance when in the tight-turning technical stuff.

The stock bars have a more "relaxed" feel to them. The CR-Hi's feel different, but not that different. For me they are better both on and off road. Less vibration and more precise steering. Just takes a little getting used to.

im 5'10 and run Jimmy button high bends also if you have any notion to get a scotts steering dampener it is one of the only bars with a crossbar that will fit a scotts gold. Super bars will help you alot if you stand alot I love them

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