YZ 450 2014 FORKS

Hi be keen from anyone with some experince/knowledge re this ?


I initially added 10ml of oil as apparantley it helps "keep the fork up in the plusher part of the stroke" which i was chasing, can anyone advise if it does ? as i didnt really feel this/notice it, other than noticing it made the last part of the stroke harsher


I then removed the 10ml, with no noticable improvement. Although maybe not quite the full amount. Ive read as little as 5ml can make a difference ?


It says lowering the fork oil amount can reduce the harshness in the final part of the stroke ?, can anyone whos done this advise if this was the case ?


Forks are standard, no revelaving standard oil etc.


Im mainly ride rough sand tracks & have been chasing a good sand settings

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