XR600 Needs Clutch


The trusty old XR600 finally needs a clutch after 6 years of hard riding in the Oregon rain forests and high desert country.

Quick Question:

Anyone got any links to directions for replacing cluctch plates. I'll probably do this myself since I'm mechanically inclined.


EBC makes a clutch kit that costs about $80, but it comes with "heavy duty" springs. With the XR600 you have to have a "kung foo grip" to pull the clutch anyway, so I don't want the clutch pull to be any harder! Will the heavy duty springs effect clutch pull that much? :)


Ride On.

The clutch swap is pretty straight forward on the xr600. If you take it apart you can put it back together. "heavy duty" is just a marketing term.

Right on. Thanks for the info.

I'll just get the $80 EDC clutch kit and install it.

Piece of cake.


Be sure to soak the new plates in clean oil before installing them. As you take it apart lay the plates in the order they come out. Then just put the new ones in the same way. Piece of cake man.

Will do.

There are also some great directions in this XR600/XR650 topic group if you do a search for "clutch". I'll just use those directions when the new clutch kit arrives.


It will be nice to do wheelies again. It's just not getting power to the ground now... :D

I put one of the EBC clutch kits in my XR650L a couple weeks ago. They say the springs are 10% stiffer than stock, but I honestly can't feel that they are. The clutch is very smooth and positive compared to my worn stock clutch though, I'm glad I did it.

Just a tip... you should probably have a right hand crankcase cover gasket ready in case the old one gets damaged when you remove the cover, but in my case the gasket was cemented to the crankcase and the cover came off clean without damaging the gasket. But I stupidly decided to replace the gasket anyway... and spent over 2 hours and about a litre of blood scraping the old gasket off. I wish I'd left it alone and re-used the old gasket, although it doesn't leak with the new one.

Wow DS650 that is one ugly mug!!! :) I might be headed down to PDX around 4/5-4/9 if I don't go to Moab and/or Slickrock. We should get together and shred! I will probably take some good falls after being spoiled with all of this east side traction.

Let us know how the clutch goes, I think I may be due soon too.



Hey Ryan,

Like that picture? That was taken during my first Black Dog Dual Sport http://www.blackdogdualsport.com ride about 4 years ago. I'm on the top of "Stairway to Heaven". Other "Black Doggers" on this board will know exactly where I'm talking about.

Ryan, send me a message when you are coming to PDX. We'll round up my bro and some TT'ers and do the big loop at Brown's Camp or something - out Archer's Firebreak and back on FireFox, Morrel's Maze, etc, etc.

I love that ride. It's killer. Wimps and cry babies need not apply! :D:D

Let's ride! :)


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