rear suspension linkage cross reference

Anyone know if 2007-up linkage works with 2006 WR450FV swingarm/shock? part for the 2006 is 1c3-2217a-00-00, used on a handful of models including the YZ125 and YZ250 2T models up to 2009. the 2007 WR450 part is 5xc-2217a-90-00, used through 2012. I found a used 2012 linkage, need to replace my 2006 which is nearly destroyed. Is the geometry the same on both linkage pieces?

Any insight or help is greatly appreciated.


Can you measure the centres of each bearing on each link to get an idea?

If the bearing sizes (ie. inside and outside diameters and lengths) are the same too then it should work fine as far as I know.


It's a shame you didn't post this a few weeks ago .... I had the back end of my '08 apart and could have measured my link for you.

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I'll have to pull mine off as well to get dimensional measurements. Possibly this weekend. Was hoping someone had already gone down this road and knew the answer, guess I need to be the first.

I know of a few who have done what you're asking/doing and it works identically.

I ended up finding an 06 YZ250 linkage- according to Partzilla, it was one of many that were all cross references. the YZ125 from 2005-2011 is also supposed to be a direct fit.

Really wish Yamaha (or any oem for that matter) would have a better database of cross reference parts.

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